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HUAWEI Unveils Smart Mobile Devices

World Class Mobile Devices unveiled by HUAWEI in Dhaka

Huawei Device, a leading Global Brand in the mobile broadband and convergence device field, recently unveiled a suite of World Class mobile devices including Android Smart Phones, Android Tablet, Touch Phones, Messaging Phones and Music Phones which are designed to give users a simple and enjoyable mobile experience. The gala event was held on 18th January  at Radison Blu Water Garden Hotel in Dhaka city, where the evening was attended by dignitaries, operators, media partners and nationwide retailers.

The intuitive design approach of the nine smart devices introduced today underpins Huawei Device’s philosophy of “Let’s simply share”- delivering an enhanced mobile experience at affordable prices. This new approach marks the blueprint of the company as it heads towards an era of digital living and mobile connectivity.

“Huawei Device envisions societies to embark on a continuous drive towards an enriched communication experience. With the global production of smartphones surpassing the production of personal computers, a shift in consumer information platforms towards mobile connectivity has seen for a more personalised approach,” explained Mr. Alan Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Device, South Pacific Region. “The philosophy for Huawei Device is to embrace the user-centric approach in creating smart, ubiquitous and converged mobile experiences that simplifies our customer’s lives.”

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim- Android 7″ Tablet

Huawei S7 Slim is a 7″ Android Tablet that comes with a 1GHz Powerful Processor featuring WiFi Hotspot, HD Video & Audio player and a 3.2 MP Camera all making the smart device easy to use, more intuitive and more power-efficient.

Huawei IDEOS X5 (U8800 Pro)-Android SmartPhone
Huawei IDEOS X5 (U8800 Pro) features a 3.8″  Screen with Android Operating System comes with a HD Video with SRS 3D Audio and 1GHz Powerful Processor equipped with 5.0 MP AF with LED Flash and WiFi Hotspot.

Huawei Sonic (U8650)- Android Smart Phone
Huawei Sonic runs on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS that comes with a 3.5″ HVGA Capacitive Touch and 600MHz Processor plus Wi-Fi hotspot and a 3.2 MP Camera.

Huawei Duplex (U8520)- Android Smart Phone (with Dual-SIM Card)
Huawei Duplex features Dual SIM Card that runs on Android OS. It comes with a 3.2″ HVGA TFT Capacitive Touch plus WiFi Hotspot with a 3.2 MP Camera and Good Battery Life.

Huawei G7206- Touch Phone

Huawei G7206 features Dual SIM Card with a 2.8 Inch 262K TFT Display and FM Radio (plus recording function). The G7206 also features a 1.3 MP Camera with a 3.5 mm Music Jack and Bluetooth Stereo
Huawei G6150- Messaging Phone
Huawei G6150 is a QWERTY Messaging Phone that features Dual SIM Card with 2.4″ TFT QVGA & 262K color screen, and a 1.3 MP Camera equipped with SRS Surround Sound & 3.5mm Music Jack. The G6150 is extremely slim (only 9.9 mm) and provides easy SNS Communication & E-Mail support.

Huawei G5510 – Music Phone
Huawei G5510 features Dual SIM Card with Digital Camera and a 3.5 mm Music Jack, MP3 & MP4 Player plus Bluetooth, WAP & MMS.

Huawei G3620- Music Phone
Huawei G3620 features Dual SIM Card, Digital Camera, FM Radio, Micro SD Card support (up to 16GB), MP3 Music Player, MP4 Video Player, WAP & MMS and 1000mAh Battery.

Huawei G2800S- Music Phone
Huawei G2800S features Dual SIM Card, FM Radio, Micro SD Card support (up to 8GB), MP3 Music Player, Torch Light and 800mAh Battery.

About Huawei Device
Huawei Device Co., Ltd’s products cover a wide range of market sectors including mobile phones, mobile broadband devices, and home devices. Huawei Device believes that everyone can be the center of information and that the world would be a better place if access and information barriers were knocked down. With our primary focus on the consumers, Huawei Device is committed to creating the most influential smart device brands in the world, providing user-friendly mobile Internet experiences through ongoing innovation.
Based on more than two decades of success in the information and communications industry, and with our own channel expertise, operational capabilities and global partner resources, Huawei Device is transforming from a company that sells millions of devices in single transactions to large businesses, to a “Business-to-People” (B2P) brand that also sells individual devices directly to millions of people. As at the end of 2011, Huawei Device serves more than 500 operators globally and has deployed its products in over 140 countries.

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